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Scale configuration is made by creating a config.yml or whatever file SCALR_CONFIG points to.


The config will be re-read before every run, no need to restart a running Scalr service after a config change.

Common Config Skeleton


You find a sample config.yml in our GitHub Repo

# Name is used to group instances e.g. with a tag or label depending on the cloud provider
# NOTE: If you change the name, all current instances having the name are getting unmanaged.
name: my-app

# Change it to false to completely skip all action
enabled: true

# Change it to false to skip the scaling
dry_run: false

# Not scaling down below this value
min: 2

# Not scaling up above this value
max: 5

# The max value of instances to be scaled down in one run
max_step_down: 1

# Strategy of order to destroy instances
scale_down_selection: oldest

# After scaling down, wait for so long in seconds
cooldown_timeout: 60

# See Policy configs
policies: []

# See cloud config
  kind: ...
  launch_config: {}