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Scalr - Autoscaling for Clouds

Scalr allows to scale Cloud instances based on policy checks in a configurable interval. Scalr has 2 pluggable interfaces: cloud, policy.

Cloud Adapters

This is the connector to the API of your Cloud provider. It reads current available servers of your Scalr group and scales up and down based on a calculation factor received from one or more policies:

Policy Adapters

A policy defines check of a target value (amount of CPU, amount of HTTP requests, etc) and where to gather the metric from, such as the following.


Multiple policies can be used in a single config.

  • Prometheus
  • HTTP endpoint returning JSON
  • Random metric (for testing)

Config Interfaces

Your Cloud and policy configuration are defined by a configuration. Scalr reads its configuration on every run and can be changed inbetween runs.

  • Static YAML file (see a sample)